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Mats: Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy

There are many secrets behind this piece that, in a way, embraces the decor. We ask experts in the field for advice on a good purchase, unravel the details of a well-made composition and gather everything you should know about rugs and carpets before designing your home environments.

There is much more to choosing a rug or carpet than its colors or patterns. Superficially, it is known that there are many types, materials, production techniques, as well as values. But what is decisive for the purchase, besides all this? We’ve listened to subject matter experts to help you with your assessment.

After all, rugs and carpets are not just cozy items at home, as you think. The impact the result of the decoration, and can enhance it or not. The rug delimits an environment; it is the proper finishing of a space. That is why it is the last piece to be chosen for the house.

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The carpet’s material according to acefloormats.com also reinforces the acoustic comfort of the space and the thermal comfort of the floor and visually brings other effects. In a clear tone, it can contribute to the feeling of spaciousness. It stimulates an interesting visual movement with geometric prints or stripes, which removes the monotony of the area.

Carpets are no longer villains as they were in previous decades. Technologies have evolved into healthier models. The installation is practical and clean. The most important thing, when choosing, is to choose a nylon model with continuous filaments, which do not shed. It is hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

In the case of natural fibers, it is possible to mention sisal, coconut fiber, seagrass, mountain grass, summer grass, cattail, banana, jute, wool, cotton, hemp, aloe, cacti, chenille, natural silk, fiber banana, and fiber bamboo. “The advantages of pieces of natural origin are superior quality and brightness, which changes according to the incidence of daylight. It is as if he had more life, in addition to the very soft touch.