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5 Tips For Managing Your Condo Well

Good condominium management e.g., Condo Charoennakorn (คอนโด เจริญนคร which is the term in Thai) involves several factors. This is because in addition to managing bureaucratic issues – such as relationships with tenants, administrators, and service providers – there is also the organization of the building’s common areas. Equipping the rooms with an umbrella door and ashtrays, for example, also refers to the management of the condominium.

An excellent way to start organizing these spaces is to understand the absolute need for environments. That done, it is worth betting on equipment that facilitates maintenance and, especially, the work of cleaning teams throughout the day. Squeezing buckets and cleaning carts can also help in this regard.

Here are five tips for managing your condo well. We are sure that the information will be beneficial. Keep up and have a good reading!

  1. Outsourcing Services

Especially when we talk about large condominiums, the outsourcing of services is considered standard practice. Mainly because of the practicality of management, since it is not necessary to deal directly with employees.

It is possible to outsource gardening, security, cleaning teams, among others. You can choose the contracts that best suit your needs.

There is, for example, the possibility of outsourcing the cleaning service and, in this same contract, already includes the provision of equipment such as a cleaning trolley, juicer bucket and umbrella holder, essential items for the maintenance of cleaning.

  1. Management Of The Cleaning Team

Condominiums that prefer to manage their cleaning teams internally should pay attention to the support for employees, including the materials for carrying out the work.

Betting on functional equipment, such as the cleaning cart and the squeezing bucket, the team saves time and delivers better results.

  1. Inspection Of Parties And Events

For the good relationship between the condominiums and the tranquility of the condominium, it is necessary to create rules (and supervise them) for the use of common spaces, such as party rooms. Limiting a time limit for events is essential. In case of disrespect, the application of fines is also quite common.

Remember, also, to maintain an excellent structure of the specific environments for this purpose: make available, for example, an umbrella holder, ashtrays, tables, chairs, refrigerators, and freezers.

  1. Accountability

Did you make a big purchase with a juicer bucket, ashtrays, and an umbrella holder? Know that each of these items must be included in the accountability – which is annual. When we talk about collective finance, transparency is the keyword. Request invoices for all expenses. Also, before closing with a supplier, do not hesitate to request three or more quotes.