Rubber flooring – a popular flooring surface for the home

In this modern era, rubber flooring is one of the most popular surfaces used in the home. The rubber flooring features strength, durability, and easy maintenance which are found in the hard tile materials. It also offers a soft feel which is not only safe but also comfortable for the family members.

If you are looking for different patterns and styles of the rubber tile, Stone pattern rubber tile [กระเบื้อง ยาง ลาย หิน ,which is the term in Thai] is the option you can consider. It is a perfect choice for your home as it is highly portable and you can easily replace the damaged tile with the new types of rubber tile.

Different types of rubber flooring

  • Rubber tiles – The rubber is mostly sold in the form of tiles and these tiles can be cut down into various shapes and sizes. You can choose the right shape and size of the tile which fits your space. There are many advantages of using the rubber tile such as it has easy installation and it can be replaced and extracted easily if there is damage in one single piece.
  • Natural rubber – Some rubber flooring materials are produced with the use of natural latex which is extracted from the rubber tree’s fluid. The production of the sheets and tiles in this manner makes them water-resistant, durable, and also easy to maintain and clean.
  • Synthetic rubber – There are some flooring products that are not made up of real rubber. Instead, they are made of different forms of polyvinyl chloride or synthetic vinyl. These forms are manufactured in order to have the same yielding and soft feel as the rubber. The advantage of synthetic rubber is that the particular floor has the feeling same as the real one.