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Important tips for renovating your bathroom

Usually, they are the smallest, but they are far from the least important point in a home. Therefore, the renovation of the bathroom must be thought out very carefully.

  1. Check The General Condition Of The Bathroom

Before starting any renovation in a bathroom, the most important thing is to check that there is no leakage or infiltration in the walls and floors. Another important detail is to check the records and the water and sewage pipes. If they are old, it will be the ideal time for exchange. If you are not sure about the need to renovate the entire bathroom, check also:

  • If there are stains or darkening of the floor and coverings in general;
  • If floors and coverings are peeling off, loosening, or “hollow”;
  • Whether the records are leaking or not closing;
  • If there is mold on the walls, floor, or ceiling;
  • If the bathroom ceiling or ceiling is yellowing.
  1. Hire a specialized team

Count on qualified professionals to receive more precise guidance. They are the ones who will know how to indicate the ideal solutions to get the results you want.

  1. Observe The Condominium Rules

If you live in a building, confirm with the supervisor when the work can be carried out. Talking to the neighbor downstairs is crucial. Depending on how the building was built, you will need to rely on it to carry out the repairs.

With professional help when you want to renovate the bathroom ( รี โน เวท ห้องน้ำ which is the term in Thai), carefully check the details of the plant, paying attention to where the pipes and columns are. This analysis is even more important in the case of installing bathtubs. Check if the structure can support its weight – in some cases, it is impossible to have the equipment.

  1. Define Your Bathroom Style

Once the possible structural problems have been identified, the time has come to think about your bathroom’s new look. “The idea is that the bathroom does not negatively disrupt the rest of the house. Interestingly, the area follows the style of the residence, whatever it may be

  1. Color

The trendy colors today are pastels and also light gray, linen, and Fendi. The latter has caused a real stir in the universe of decoration is the darling of the moment.

  1. Painting

Many people are still reluctant to use paint in bathrooms. However, modernity has also reached the world of paints, and there are specific types for this purpose. The only caveat is about the box area.

The others, which do not have contact with large volumes of water, can receive this type of finish smoothly only with steam. It is only necessary to prepare and choose the right dyeing: the paint has to be either acrylic or epoxy. The latter is the best – some architects even “release it,” even for wet areas.

Prefer products with anti-mold treatment. The architects’ golden tip is extra caution about baseboards, which need to be taller when the walls are painted.