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Progression Of TV Technologies 

When we were in school, our teacher used to explain the progression of TV Technology. He would demonstrate each technology that came along over the years, like the first big screen television, or the change from VCR’s to the DVD recorder. He was very good at it. We could watch it in class and ask questions if we had any.

And yet, I am here to talk about something I haven’t really thought about in a long time. Video phones have evolved from those devices into something so much more. It seems that they have finally achieved the goal that all those tech geeks have been dreaming about for so long. It is truly amazing.

I remember watching the movie “Star Wars: A New Hope” with my dad when it came out a few years ago. The original version of Star Wars had a planet called “Televisions Cork“. The film makers had obviously realized the potential commercial value of having a planet outside of Earth. So they inserted a “Television Waterford” into the name. It became such a small detail, but it made such a big difference!

I love “The Secret”, especially the part where Brad Pitt discusses the progress of the HDTV technology in comparison to the old CRT Computer Monitor Waterford. When the little boy in the movie starts asking questions about how much his favorite Star Wars character can say for himself, the adult says “Not much, he only talks in pixels!” The kids laughed at him, and you know that this isn’t an ancient technology. This is a new one!

So, as a result of what we just saw, we now have the ability to see things in HD. It is so close to reality that you could probably go out and buy an HDTV set and be very disappointed. There are so many new features and technologies on the market that it is mind boggling. It is also causing competition among manufacturers to keep their manufacturing costs down!

I believe one day in our lifetime, technology will advance to the point that we won’t need TV and film anymore! In fact, all of our communication will take place via our mobile devices and internet. I also think someday, video will be obsolete. Video is expensive to make and post online, it loses its quality too quickly to ever regain the popularity it once had. There are too many other forms of technology which will rise to fill that void. Read more about it here in IRWIN’S MEGASTORE Infographic about Progression of TV Technologies.