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Nan Inc. – Construction at Its Best 

You will not come across many construction companies that have enjoy the same reputation and level of success that has been achieved by one Nan Inc., a company operating out of Honolulu, Hawaii. Starting off as a small construction company, Nan Inc. has become one of the biggest construction giants in the state of Hawaii, having dealt with multimillion dollar projects and has even been given government contracts for various projects. But, how did it manage to do it all? 

The credit of Nan Inc.’s success goes to the man who launched the company in the first place; Patrick Shin. His name is a well-known one in Hawaii for being the founder of one of the top construction companies and also because he is a philanthropist. Like his company, Patrick Shin also had humble beginnings and he wasn’t born in the United States. Instead, it had been his dream to move to USA from South Korea, one that he managed to achieve. He had lived in New York with his siblings and even worked with his brother at his fish business.

After doing his majors in business administration from Bowling Green State University, Patrick Shin moved to Hawaii worked for a construction firm as a laborer for two years. That’s where he got the idea to set up his own company and work towards the betterment of Hawaii. In 1990, he launched Nan Inc. with just one laborer by his side and 30 years later, his company has more than 500 employees and has tackled more than 2,600 construction projects in different industries. In a time span of 30 years, his company has managed to deliver an outstanding performance in every project they have handled. 

There have been some major changes in Hawaii over the years that are contributing towards its future and Nan Inc.’s construction services are also playing an important role in it. All you need to know about Patrick Nan Shin is that his first contract was the installation of a road sign and now his company is handling government projects, including contracts for the Hawaii airport, and has also helped in renovating some historical buildings. Furthermore, Nan Inc. has also gained a lot of experience in construction in the hospitality industry, having gotten contracts of different chains of hotels and resorts. It has become a leading performer in preconstruction, design-build and general contracting, making it one of the best construction companies in Hawaii.