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7 Ways Portable Storage Unit Rentals Make Moving So Much Easier

It’s always exciting to move to a new house. It’s the beginning of a new life for you and your family, and the new environment always brings a thrill to our hearts. But packing up all the things you’ve accumulated over the years is not easy, much less the actual act of transporting them from your old house to your new home. Whether it’s individuals renting a room for one or an entire family leaving a decades-old house, portable storage unit rental is a new way of making moving a heck of a lot easier.

Here are 7 reasons why portable storage units can make moving hassle-free:

1. No pressure

People tend to accumulate lots of stuff. Not all of it will necessarily be shipped and transported to a new home. Some might consider selling or tossing a lot of their belongings and this can affect your packing timeline. Getting a portable storage unit rental means that you don’t have to be pressured with the schedule that you set with moving men. The unit is available to you for however long you want it, so you can take the time to think carefully about what you want to pack.

2. Less expensive

Opting for portable storage unit rental instead of a traditional moving company involves less manpower and therefore costs a lot less. By packing yourself and putting your things inside the storage unit, you can save a bit more money that would otherwise go towards moving guys. If you know you don’t have the kind of budget for that kind of expense, just decide to go for a storage unit.

3. Weatherproof

You can easily move house without being at the mercy of the weather when you choose a portable storage unit rental. They can be used whatever the weather, so it doesn’t matter if it’s raining or super sunny, the unit will be just fine. There’s no risk of rusty containers in your home or finding that the inside has flooded due to a leak.

4. Easy peasy

A portable storage unit actually combines the best of both worlds in terms of DIY moving and hiring professional help. You can be hands-on in terms of packing your things, but you can entrust someone to drive the container for you.

5. Size is no problem

A great thing about a portable storage unit is that you can get one that can fit your furniture plus your personal items all in one big box. Large items like paintings, benches, and mattresses can all safely be stored along with smaller things like clothes and toiletries.

6. Safety

As opposed to slowly stacking your things on the top of your car while you await the big move, a storage unit can be locked so you can rest easy that your things won’t be stolen. The company also makes sure that no other staff has the key to your stuff.

7. Relaxed unpacking

After you’ve packed and transported your goods, a portable storage unit rental also allows you to keep the unit until after you’ve successfully unpacked. Take comfort in the fact that you don’t need to have a dozen boxes stacked all over your new house on your first night in. If you’re tired, you can only take out what you need and deal with the rest later.

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