Website + SEO = Growth

People often try to reduce complicated thoughts and ideas to simple formulas to make them easier to explain and understand.  Such a formula is website + SEO = growth.  This is a highly simplified formula for an online presence that will help to grow a business by attracting new customers via a great website and some search engine optimization, or SEO online marketing techniques.

You cannot have an online presence without a website.  A website, like fashion, followsdesign trends and can have a dated or even obsolete feel if not updated periodically.  Sometimes, visitors will “bounce” or leave the site upon entering when they see its lack of updates.  Some of the trends offer additional functionality and security while others are purely cosmetic.  Websites should have regular updates for content and they should stay current in terms of technology and security.

Once an eye-grabbing website is designed and put online, it needs visitors; customers.  If a potential customer knows the company name or the company’s website address, they just type it into a browser.  But if a potential customer does not know the company but only knowsthe goods or services they are searching for, the websites offering those services need to appear on the first two pages of Google’s search results.   Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best way for a website to be easily found in search engine result pages.

The website by itself will not be found and visitors need a website to go to.  Like peanut butter and jelly, websites and SEO are a perfect combination.  A website appearing on Google’s first page will see much more traffic than a site that does not appear there.

Landau Consulting, a New Jersey SEO company that offers consulting in internet marketing and SEO services, created this infographic to show the SEO online marketing strategy defined in the simplified formula of website + SEO = growth

Website + SEO = Growth