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Learning to Drive: Tips for Beginners

As a beginner, these tips will help you in learning how to drive.


First of all, exercise is the most important discipline for novice drivers. That’s why you should definitely stay on the ball after the driving test and get behind the wheel as regularly as possible. To learn to drive and develop the necessary routine over time, it is advisable to go shorter and then longer distances as often as possible. At the start, it is advisable to avoid large and busy roads and rush hour traffic.

If possible, parents should support their children and let them have the car, instead of not pulling the car key out of fear that something might happen. It can also help to have an experienced driver in the car who can advise the beginner in unmanageable traffic situations. To be comfortable make sure there is custom floor mats in the car.

Novice Drivers Should Take Their Time

Novice drivers who still want to learn something after passing their driving test are: take your time! On the one hand, this includes familiarizing yourself with all vehicle functions before driving, so that you can concentrate on the really important things in traffic.  The mirrors and the seating position should also be adjusted before you set off. Switching, steering, blinking – it takes time for all of this to go smoothly and become routine.

 Especially in difficult situations, novice drivers should therefore take enough time to react carefully and correctly. Because stress can lead to thoughtless and risky action, always remain calm. For example, when other road users lose their nerve because things are not going very smoothly. However, beginners at the steering wheel should not be intimidated by wild horns, cursing motorists, or hustlers. They still have to learn to drive, and others have to understand – after all, every driver once did.

Avoid Distractions

Anyone who has yet to learn to drive should – like any experienced driver – avoid any distraction behind the wheel. This includes, for example, setting radio stations and navigation devices before driving. Above all, novice drivers should keep their hands off their smartphone or switch it off entirely while driving. Novice drivers should not use even smoking or eating, arguments with the passenger, too loud music, or making calls (not with, but certainly not without, a hands-free system)

 Novice Drivers: Get Off the Gas

Those who still have to learn how to drive are often lacking the feeling for typical risks in road traffic. Avoid too much speed. But even in situations such as in the dark or in autumn with leaves on the streets or in thick fog, novice drivers find it difficult to assess the dangers correctly. Therefore, the appropriate pace is significant. Also, the trial period of novice drivers is extended by two years if they drive at more than 20 km / h above the speed limit and are caught doing it.

Novice Drivers: Tips for Emergencies

If novice drivers should nevertheless have an accident, they should know: something like this can happen, but they should act correctly at this moment and not panic. The first thing you should do is check if anyone is injured and make sure the accident site is secured. Also, novice drivers should call the police so that the accident can be recorded.