Best tips for Storage Before Moving Now

If even after reading the publication “Do you have problems storing your belongings?”, You still have doubts. Here we leave Storage Tips for Beginners, with the steps we must follow to make a move without problems.

What kind of packing material should I use for my dishes and glassware?

Put a protective layer on the inside of boxes containing fragile items. The dishes should be placed at the bottom of the box. The cups and bowls should go one inside the other putting a paper between one and the other to avoid being in direct contact. Glasses and stemware are individually wrapped and carefully placed on top of the boxes.

Where do I keep delicate items?

Wrap delicate things in bubble wrap and make sure they are not loose by filling in the empty areas of the box with filling material. Mark the boxes with the word fragile.

How should I prepare the chairs and tables for the storage room?

Wrap the table legs and surface in bubble wrap to prevent scratches and possible damage. Stack the chairs together, if possible. Put a layer of paper or cloth between the two seats when you store them in the storage room. The denver moving company is the best solution in this case.

What do I use so that the mattress or sofa does not get stained?

Mattresses, sofas, and pillows should always be stored in protective covers. If they are placed in a vertical position we will save space in our storage room.

How do I store the fridge / freezer / dishwasher in the storage room?

It is necessary, in the case of the fridge and freezer, to make sure that they are completely defrosted in the case of a dishwasher, make sure there is no water left inside. When storing these items in the storage room, the door should be left slightly open to avoid the formation of bad smells.

How do I protect the furniture inside the rental storage room?

The furniture must not be supported directly on the walls of the storage room so that its module is well ventilated. Using pallets at the base of the storage room will also provide us with good lower ventilation. Covering your furniture with cloth or plastic will protect it from dust. In the case of unpainted or enameled metal surfaces, it is advisable to put a little oil to give an additional protection element.

How do I pack small appliances?

The best way to store these appliances is to use their original packaging. If you no longer have them, use material like bubble wrap. Small appliances are best packaged separately.