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What’s in Your Vape Cartridge?


There are multiple ways to consume cannabis. But if there is any stylish way, then it must be vaping. You can get yourself immersed in the vape clouds around you and your favourite flavoured cannabis inside your system. Still, many people are wondering what is a vape cartridge, and is it safe to use? In this article, we will make sure all your queries are addressed by the end of this post. So, let us start with are vape carts question. 

What are the Vape Cartridges?

Vape cartridges contain concentrated cannabis oil that can be used with vape pens and other kinds of batteries. In this, the vaping pen once turned on, heats the coil, and causes the vapor you inhale. Vaping has become very popular among youths in recent days. This option is ideal for those looking to get the instant effect of smoking without lung irritation and much odour. 

How do Vape Cartridges Work?

If you are familiar with e-cigarettes and vaping tobacco products, it is easy to understand the vape carts. The reason is they work with the same technique and principle. In vape devices, the atomizers are activated with the drawing puff or by pressing the buttons. Then, the atomizer does heat the air in the chamber, and heated air goes through the cart’s e-juices. In THC oil vapes, heated air help to convert the oil into an aerosol to facilitate inhaling. In this process, cannabis concentrate does not directly get contact with the heating process. Consequently, this is not enough to create combustion because, for this reason, vaping is the best option for people with respiratory conditions. 

Types of Vape Cartridges

There is a plethora of types when it comes to the kinds of cartridges. However, they can be categorized by the basic three types.

Disposable Pens

These disposable pens are perfect options for the beginners because you no need to assemble and charge the device. All you need to do is use the vape and once done disposing of the same. If you need to get to know about the vaping, this is the best option to give a try. 

Prefilled cartridges

These devices are rechargeable, and you can use them repeatedly. If you already own e-cig or other vaping devices with a 510-thread connection, these cartridges are compatible with them. Or else you can buy a new vaporizer with a 510-thread link. 

Refillable chambers

These types of cartridges are more advanced ones and need some experience to use them. Usually, advanced cannabis users own this type of cartridges. It allows the user to combine varieties of strains, complete control over the serving size and temperature. Indeed, they need regular maintenance, and you need to pay more money to buy refillable chambers. 

What are the Benefits of Vape Cartridges?


The vape cartridges are portable, lightweight, and you can easily slip into your pocket or wallet. It is a more discreet method of consuming cannabis than many other methods. Since it gained so much fame, you can find them in numerous legal dispensaries. So, you can buy cannabis online and use it with these cartridges. 

Vapor, not smoke

Smoking may not suit to all apartments and buildings. So, this smokeless option is the ideal choice for those places. Vaping THC oil does not create any smoke, and when it comes to the odour, also it is very light. 


When it comes to finding your sweet spot, the prefilled cartridges are the best option. By using the cart, you can manage and control the serving size as per your need and conditions.

It may be safer than smoking.

If you start vaping, you no need to do smoking and which is more dangerous to your health than vaping.