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Five Tips To Distribute The Furniture In Your House

We are going to create logical and functional distributions, taking into account the areas of passage, the structural elements or the appropriate measures to coexist in a flexible and comfortable space.

Pay close attention to the tips provided below to distribute your home furniture evenly. Follow these steps and distributing your furniture will be easy for you. Have in mind that a desire does not change anything; a decision change everything.

  1. Draw The Plan Of Your Room

If you do not want to take surprises, this step is essential to create the base of your decoration project. Without the plan, how are you going to know what each piece of furniture occupies you, what space you have left as a passage area and the most practical way of placing everything?

  1. Reflect And Plan The Activities To Be Carried Out

Think about the people who live in the house and your needs, then distribute according to the square meters available in the room.

For example, you can dedicate a room only as a meeting and relaxation area, but if you need it, it can also include another dining area and also a small office or a play area for the little ones.

  1. Respect The Minimum Spaces To Be Able To Use The Furniture

Some obvious things are sometimes overlooked. When it comes to furnishing a room and distributing the furniture, we have to pay special attention that one thing is the physical space a piece of furniture occupies. Another is the functional space that it requires.

For example, think of the functional space that a dressing table (โต๊ะ เครื่อง แป้ง, which is the term in Thai) occupies. What if the latter also has drawers?

  1. Determine the center point and place the largest furniture.

Determine the center point and place the largest furniture. Wardrobes, sofas, beds … is what will determine the distribution of your room.

  1. Enhance The Natural Light In Your Room

That your furniture does not turn its back on the light is quite the opposite. Let the sun rays bathe your room and give you energy and vitality. Take into account in your planning, the windows and balconies, as well as the functional space necessary to open them.