Real Estate

Why choose Malta for your dream abode?

We all need a home. Home is the place where we can relax and connect with our family at the end of the day. It fills our usual daily lives filled with joy, serenity and peace. Depending on our requirements, financial background and choices we find our own homes. You may opt for a rental house or buy the one which suits you the best. All of your real estate needs can be fulfilled in Malta. It is the perfect place for all your housing requirements. Also, if you already live there and want to move into a different space, you can easily list a property in Malta online. From scenic views of the Mediterranean, to the amazing colonial architecture. From serenity to the hustle of marketplaces; Malta has got everything you need to live a happening life.

Let us talk in detail about choosing Malta as you ultimate housing destination;

  • Supreme Location: Malta is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea right in between Europe and North Africa. This enables you to travel any and every destination of Europe and Africa at ease. If you have a blooming business, you are a travel vlogger, or you travel around the world for your work throughout the year; then it is the dream destination for you.
  • Beautiful weather all year round: Malta has an amazing weather condition throughout the year with temperatures around 25-28 degree Celsius during summer months. Winter temperatures stay in the range of 9-18 degree Celsius. With the nice soothing breeze from the sea and moderate humidity in the area; it makes a perfect environment to live-in.
  • A safe place to live: We all want a safe and secure place to live. A place where the crime rates are low, people especially women feel safe at night, is the best possible place to live. Malta checks all the boxes of being a safe place to live. It has one of the lowest crime rates among Europe. Also, the people are very friendly and helpful. This makes Malta a secure place to live.
  • A place with great history and culture: Malta has a rich historical background. Its ancient gothic architecture and cobblestone roads are the markers of Maltese history. It is also the home for Mediterranean arts and culture. All of these makes this country a brilliant place to spend your life.
  • Low-cost living: Buying or renting property has become immensely costly these days. Everybody is searching for affordable housing options. There are also some awesome bargains to be found in Spain, as for example you can find property with sea view in Marbella for sale for very low prices so it’s just brilliant. In the case of commercial spaces, you always want to minimize your rent expenditure to gain maximum profit from your business. In these situations, Malta can be your affordable living or working destination. Not only it gives you affordable places, it has regular connecting flights to Europe and North Africa. This makes your business run smoothly. Malta offers you excellent residential areas with very low taxation and amazing price points. The Government of Malta does not charge you anything in the name of Council taxes.

So, Malta has everything that a modern man needs. From breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset across the bay, to silver sand beaches. From secured housing options to affordable workplaces, this small Mediterranean country has everything in store for you. Malta is also a European Union (EU) member country, this makes them a country free of political warfare. It belongs to the Schengen zone; hence you can travel to every other country belonging to Schengen without any hassle. The Real Estate of Malta is in full bloom and you do not want to miss this golden opportunity to grab a Maltese peace of living space.