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History of great invention vacuum cleaner:

Vacuum cleaner is one of the best invention of 19th century. As the name suggest the main purpose of vacuum cleaner is to vacuum or sucks dirt from any kind of surface it. And has now made life much easier. Before 19 century people used to put much efforts and time in order to clean their places. So we can say that vacuum cleaner is one of the much needed invention for household from hundred centuries. Hygiene is extremely important for every place. And now most of the people are more focused towards the healthier environment. And the main goal of vacuum cleaners to achieve healthy environment. Before vacuum cleaner people use sweepers as Floor polisher [เครื่องขัดเงาอุตสาหกรรม, which is the term in Thai] which was invented by Daniel Hess. This floor sweeper takes much effort as well as time.  When in 18th century W.McGaffe invented whirlwind. Finally in 1901 Hubert Cecil and David T. Kenney invented powered vacuum cleaners.

The common mechanism of vacuum cleaner:

As we have already discussed that vacuum cleaner use to sucks does from different surfaces that includes floors, furniture, stuffing and other. The main working part of vacuum cleaner that plays almost the main role that is its pipe. Vacuum cleaner contain suction pipe which used to pump dirt from the surface with the help of high pressure air. It has an attached dust bag which collects itself all the particles using suction pump. Now due to technological advancement they are different types of vacuum cleaner with different size, models and batteries variation.

Other unknown use of vacuum cleaner:

The uses of vacuum cleaner does not Limited till removing dirt from floor but it offers numerous benefits. If you are a pet person you might deal with excess pet Hair problem. Here vacuum cleaner would be the best choice in order to gather all pet hair stuck on floor especially on rugs