Real Estate

Registration and Licensing of Property Dealers and Salesmen

The concept of Jamaica property business or any branch thereof is illegitimate unless of course the appropriate person (dealer or salesperson) hold a legitimate license. However, registration underneath the Jamaica property Act is really a pre-condition to the such licensing. Exemption in the prohibition is however provided to persons involved in a remote purchase, exchange, lease or rental of land, in a few specified conditions.

You should distinguish the exemption in the group of persons excluded from being considered as transporting out real estate business. The bottom line is to avoid so many people from just getting into the marketplace. Let’s assume that you would like to purchase Jamaican beachfront qualities you want to be aware of person you’ve solicited being an agent that will help you is professional and knowledgeable.


The Jamaica property act governs the applying procedures that need applicants to fulfill the Board regarding:

1. Application procedures (for instance, charges, forms)

2. Fitness (of character) to become registered

3. Lack of disqualification

With regards to (c) above, disqualifications relevant to some Jamaica property salesperson are:

1. Being under 18 years old

2. Not possessing prescribed qualifications, (for instance, academic where relevant working experience)

3. Being subject of the undischarged order of personal bankruptcy and other alike provision is created with regards to an intended dealer, however particular regard ought to be needed to needs according of physiques corporate and also the qualifications needed of company directors.

The use of the Act to dealers differs in certain respects from the application to salesmen and registration is definitely an example. Underneath the Act only individuals (natural persons) could be registered just as real estate salesmen, whereas individual corporate physiques and partnerships might be registered as Jamaica property dealers.