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Property Letters – Junk Mail Campaigns Still Work

If internet marketing is really the trend, so why do agents still mail property letters? Well, in short or more…it is because junk mail marketing is still effective!

If you are a real estate agent you have to advertise your services. You will not have any business if individuals don’t realize that you are running a business…along with a multi pronged approach is perhaps a great way. For instance, networking, providing business card printing and disbursing flyers works in your favor.

And even though mailing property letters isn’t as glamorous, or appealing, as online marketing it can nonetheless be an important element of your marketing strategy. People still like receiving mail delivered through the postal service, despite being bombarded with increased spam compared to what they choose to receive so why wouldn’t you provide them with what they need?

There are more benefits of mailing property letters, but in the following paragraphs I’ll only address three of these decreased workload, residual payoffs and elevated earnings. Let us take particular notice each and every to determine how they may help you.

One. Decreased Workload – This ought to be an apparent one, as once you have written one letter you are able to mass mail it until your heart is happy. Plus, with a little bit of imagination you are able to take one letter and generate lots of other letters from this. Once you have done the job when you can reap the advantages as lengthy as you are in the industry.

Two. Residual Payoffs – A factor about letters is they can sit around an individual’s house for days prior to them getting around to answering them. And that is okay, simply because they have more shelf existence than an appointment, which may be forgotten just when the call is ended. Actually, it’s pretty common for prospects to several weeks after receiving letters, that we call “lengthy tail marketing”. The purpose here’s not receiving frustrated if you do not immediate results.

Three. Elevated Earnings – Property marketing and advertising is really a figures game along with a junk mail campaign will help you spread to hundreds of folks that you are able to potentially leverage into leads that lead to listings and purchasers. Fifty letters each day occasions 5 days per week can lead to 250 contacts each week. The number of leads are you currently generating at this time?