Real Estate

Property Act 1987 And Rules on Real estate Business

Around the first September, 1988, the Jamaica Property (Dealers and Developers) Act, 1987 arrived to operation.

Generally speaking the 2 primary objects from the Act are:

1) The licensing, regulation and charge of persons involved in property business just as real estate dealers or salesmen.

2) The regulating dealings in Jamaican land in development schemes.

The Jamaica Property Board

This Act, establishes real estate Board the statutory corporation particularly produced for administering the provisions from the Act. The status from the Board is really that prior to the Minister makes sure Rules he’s needed to see using the Board. This body, while possessing wide forces with regards to its various functions, like every other statutory body must act inside the general provisions from the law and paiticular1y based on the relevant Act.

The Schedule towards the Act prescribes the Board’s metabolic rate and operating procedure. It outlines the functions, responsibilities and required the Board and needs the board to provide account of their activities.

Decisions from the Board aren’t always final and conclusive and certain decisions regarding registration of dealers, salesmen and developers are susceptible to attract a legal court of Appeal.

The Board is needed to pay for to each applicant underneath the Act an chance to become heard if refusal from the application has been considered, the function and forces from the Board’s Inspectors are discussed below.


Matters concerning the appointment and forces of property inspectors as it requires monitoring.

The forces of inspectors are fairly wide composed of capacity to

(i) Require information

(ii) Require producing documents

(iii) Enter and check premises, susceptible to warrant

These forces should be worked out inside a reasonable manner and it’ll be viewed the Act:

1) Enables here we are at requested information to become provided

2) Mandates that there be reasonable grounds before an Inspector directs manufacture of document

3) Requires an Inspector to create his identification card on request

4) Constitutes a warrant from a Justice from the Peace a pre-condition for admission to premises.

It ought to be noted that Inspectors act not by themselves account but because associated with the Board to guarantee compliance using the provision from the Act and profit the Board using the relieve its functions.