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Driving My Miss “Daisy” – My Recent Knowledge About The Rich And Never Quite Famous

Hey Lor, my girlfriend Jeanine known as. You need to make an additional $500 on Sunday? Though I trust my pal, unconditionally, I could not help but question exactly what the “catch” was! Here’s the backdrop: My mate and her husband would be the caretakers for that vacation estate of the former Governor of MA and family. The Governor/spouse/youngsters are very wealthy. They built their empire through effort, in the first floor. As caretakers, my buddies reside in a carriage house on acres of lovely moving hillsides with mountain views which makes me wish to sing, “The Hillsides are Alive using the Seem of Music” every time I visit. Maudlin, but true. Except after i visit within the Fall…then I wish to sing, “For crimson mountain tops magnificence over the fruited plain….AMERICA AMERICA….!” It’s truly magical there! Describing the 20 room mansion they take care of, combined with the grounds could be impossible. Use fantasy because that’s as near because this blogger will enter describing the 40’x40′ kitchen 40’x50′ family room with picture perfect look at the mountain tops 50’x50′ play area for the children (pool, table tennis, arcades, wall-size t.v. and so forth).

I digress. You will naturally digress after i consider that lovely haven. Anyway, what did I have to do in order to make an additional $500? The previous Governor had known as my buddies since the visiting sister-in-law and nieces needed to return to their co-op around the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NY. This co-op is around the Hudson River, almost exactly next door where Pilot “Sully” Sullenberger made his miraculous plane landing. The uniform Governor needed the uniform sister-in-law and pre-adolescent nieces, driven 4 hrs to N.Y. City.

How about we they have a plane, I requested my buddies. The response could be that the airport terminal is to date, it would really take more time they are driving towards the airport terminal after which fly home, obtain a taxi and arrive at the Upper West Side.

How about we they simply employ a limo, I requested. The price would most likely be comparable plus they could sit easily within the back having a professional driver. My buddies stated, Can you just stop asking them questions and inform us if you wish to get it done!

Sure. What is! I’ll have extra cash making a new friend!” I responded.

I demonstrated up in the hired time on Sunday morning and also the Governor’s boy loaded mountain tops of bags into my trunk. I met the previous Governor and also got an excursion from the new gardens being installed. It had been a enjoyable, warm exchange.